Essential Essence Artisan

Curating serenity for the body and soul.

Founded on Ancient Wisdom

Ancient civilisations have used plants for thousands of years as a natural way of healing the mind, body & soul. We harness this wisdom utilising pure, natural & organic plant compounds.

Inspired by nature and the benefits of aromatherapy, our Botanical Body Oils, Organic Essential Oils and DIY Bath & Body Kits are calming, soothing and rejuvenating.

Be the Artisan

Curate nutrient rich skin formulations with our boutique range of organic carrier oils, essential oils, pure floral waters, natural clays and soothing salt minerals.

Infused Oils

Make a nutrient rich facial oil or body oil with pure plant extracts designed to rejuvenate skin naturally. Macerated oils are the perfect addition to a clean and natural beauty regimen. Infused oils use the energy of the sun to gently extract the beneficial properties of the plant.

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Botanical Mix and Blend Kits

Embrace ancient traditions with an Essential Essence Artisan Kit and unleash the Artisan within. Our 'Mix and Blend' Kits include botanical oils and the essential tools to curate your own down to earth goodness. 

We are an eco conscious and ethically minded small business, delivering the beauty of nature at its very finest.

Our products are: Pure and natural, plant based, mineral rich, cruelty-free & synthetic-free (No parabens, phthalates or preservatives).