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DIY Beard and Massage Oil Kit

DIY Beard and Massage Oil Kit

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St Moritz Dream x 3 - Crunchy Beard Soother 

Soothe, soften and tame an itchy beard and relieve a range of dry skin conditions with a DIY oil infusion full of inflammation reducing properties.

Makes three 30 ml bottles

Kit Contains: 

  • Frankincense Essential Oil (10 ml) *organic 
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil (10 ml) *organic 
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil (10 ml) *organic 
  • Golden Jojoba Oil (50 ml)  *organic 
  • Coconut Oil (50 ml) *fractionated organic
  • Serum Bottle (30 ml)
  • Mini Funnel 
  • Blending card instructions
  • Brown eco box

This botanical blend makes three silky smooth beard oils (or three 30 ml massage oils).  **Organic Essential Oils valued at $50

* Frankincense, known as the 'The King of Oils', has been used for thousands of years for its potent healing properties.

* Cedarwood is derived from varieties of Cedar and Juniper trees and is prized as an ancient remedy for being soothing and stress relieving.

Caution: Dilute essential oils prior to application on skin. This kit comes with a carrier oil for diluting essential oils.

Packaging: 100% compostable eco box. 

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