Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils are extremely potent plant extracts in a highly concentrated form and should always be diluted before application to skin. Our Artisan Kits and gift packs are intended for adult use and not for use by children.

A caution is given on our blending cards for conducting individual research before blending and consulting with a medical professional before using essential oils (especially important for contraindications, possible allergens or if pregnant). When using or blending essential oils, it is important to always follow industry standards and recommended safety guidelines.

Some essential oils like Geranium are not recommended during pregnancy. Ylang Ylang may cause headaches if applied too liberally - please use sparingly. Peppermint and Frankincense may irritate skin - conduct a patch test before use. Bergamot can be photo toxic so should not be applied to skin before sun exposure.

Contraindications - Certain essential oils are not recommended or should be used with caution. Please speak with your doctor before using essential oils.

Aromatherapy Bath SafetyEssential oils are not water soluble so pouring them directly into a bath can cause skin irritation. To disperse essential oils in water they must be diluted in a carrier oil before adding them to a bath.

Add 4-18 drops of essential oil per 15 ml (1 Tbs) of carrier oil for a 1-4% dilution. Take care not to slip when exiting the bath with oily skin.

While we make every effort to make sure the information on this website is accurate and informative, the information does not take the place of professional or medical advice. 

We follow the Tisserand Institutes Guidelines on using essential oils. Please conduct your own research on essential oil safety for your personal circumstances.