The Essentials

Each gift box comes with the essential oils and tools to create soothing and relaxing escapes.

Signature Kit - Aromatic Blending and Infusion Kit (Perfume, Room Spray, Serum, Roll on fragrance)

Top NoteSweet Orange (Citrus - Fruity, helps with colds, dull skin and stress)

Middle Note - Lavender essential oil (Floral - light and classic, calming, good for inflammation)

Base NoteFrankincense (Woody - balsamic and rich, soothes and calms the mind) and Ylang, ylang (Earthy - exotic, sweet and spicy, useful in nervous conditions, balancing skin, perfumes)

Kit Contents (4 Essential oils for blending)

Carrier Oils - Sweet Almond and Jojoba

20 - 30 ml Fragrance Mister (Perfume bottle)

100 ml Spray Bottle (Room Spray)

20 - 30 ml Dropper bottle (For serum, beard or massage oil)

Roller Ball (Fragrance roll on)

Witch-hazel (Natural Emulsifier to bind oil and water)

Perfume Strips (for testing)



Botanicals (for infusions)


Bath and Body Escape Kits (Kits 1-6)

 1. Escape - Beard Oil and Soak

Beard Oil 

Essential Oil - Cedarwood (Sweet smokey scent) and Orange (Citrus, fights inflammation and is full of antioxidants)

Carrier Oil - Jojoba and Almond oil

Funnel and Pipette

Dropper Bottle

Massage Oil (Beard oil can be substituted for a massage oil if preferred.) 


Dead Sea Mineral Soak

Essential Oil - Cedarwood and Orange 

Dead Sea salts


2. Essential Artisan Kit - Chateau Petite Chérie

Pink French Clay Mask

Essential Oil - Geranium (Warm floral aroma, promotes clear skin)

Pink French Clay

Rose Tea

Witch Hazel

Little darling in french, Petite Chérie is a sweet little face mask used to purify, cleanse and detox. The best face masks can be found at home because we think fresh is always best. Making a nourishing mask at home is easy with a few simple ingredients. 


3. Essential Essence Artisan Kit - Santorini Spa

Botanical Crush Salt Scrub or Soak

Essential Oil - Ylang Ylang (A rich floral aroma - exotic, sweet and spicy) and Sandalwood  (Warm woody aroma, hydrating for dry skin)

Epsom Salts


Salt Jar

* Optional - Add Sea Salt to the mix or try recipe as a sugar scrub second time round.

Botanical Fragrance Mister

Essential Oil - Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood (Highly prized in the perfume world)

Witch Hazel (Natural Emulsifier to bind oil and water)

Distilled water or purified water (Not included)

Rose Buds

Dropper Bottle



4. Essential Essence Artisan Kit - Venetian Bath

Organic Clay Mask

Essential Oil - Geranium and Frankincense ("The King of oils' has beautifying properties and soothes and calms the mind)

Bentonite Clay

Honey and Apple Cider vinegar (not included). Can be substituted with alternatives (Recipe card provided in kit).

Bentonite clay is known to have an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. Used for centuries for variety of ailments, its a dream wonder!

Clay Bath or Foot SoakAdd remaining Bentonite clay to a warm bath or use for a foot soak. 

Face Serum 
Sweet Almond Oil
Use Frankincense and Geranium (A warm floral that promotes clear skin) with your carrier oil to make a soothing face serum.


5. Essential Essence Artisan Kit - Himalayan Hideaway

Essential Oil - Bergamot (A fresh spicy floral)

Pink Himalayan Salt

Carrier oil - Jojoba


Salt Jar

Roller Ball

* Optional - Add Sea Salt to the mix or try recipe as a sugar scrub second time round.

Detoxification and Relaxation - Himalayan salt is wonderful for exfoliating the surface of the skin and removing dead skin cells to prepare the skin to soak up beneficial minerals. Scrub before a warm bath for an invigorating and relaxing experience that has stress-relieving and endorphin-boosting effects. 

Botanical Infusion Roll On - The remaining carrier oil can be used to make an aromatic infusion with provided botanicals.


6. Essential Essence Artisan Kit - Coconut Haven

Dead Sea Mineral Scrub

Essential Oil - Lemongrass

Dead Sea Salts

Carrier Oil - Coconut

Salt Jar

Coffee Salt Scrub or Sweet Sugar Scrub *Optional - Try this recipe with coffee grounds and a little cinnamon spice or with sugar as a sugar scrub.