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Essential Essence Artisan

Moroccan Spa 'Scent the Soak' Set

Moroccan Spa 'Scent the Soak' Set

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Essential Oils

Scent the soak with Lavender or Juniper Berry essential oil and Chamomile & Rose botanicals. 

Gift Box Contents:

    • Artisan Bath Soak (Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salt - Large Pouch)
    • Moroccan Lava Clay (50g)
    • Essential Oil - Lavender or Juniper Berry (10 ml)
    • Sweet Almond Oil (50 ml) *organic
    • Dried Chamomile flowers (small pouch) *organic
    • Dried Rose Petals (small pouch) *organic
    • Drawstring Bath Sachet
    • White gift box with magnetic closure

**Organic Essential Oils valued at $16.50

Optional: Soak the bath sachet with a few drops of essential oil before adding to the bath.


* Moroccan Lava Clay is cleansing, exfoliating and rejuvenating leaving skin silky smooth. 

* Historically Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used Chamomile to treat wounds and promote healing. 

* Juniper Berry has a refreshingly warm, rich, yet subtle balsamic aroma. Because of its natural cleansing and purifying abilities, Juniper Berry offers a wide range of skin benefits.

* Lavender is revered for its anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating properties. 

Caution: Always dilute essential oils before application to skin.


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